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The Developement Stages in the Human Creation

The Developement Stages in the Human Creation

In these pages we are talking about you, we will wonder in human body to discover how he was created and which grades (stages) he passed

And now , let's make a short time trip and return period to the past to accurate together in this wonderful story that is full of miracles from the beginning and see how the human being was created. In aperiod of time his beginning was only one cell in his mother's belly, he was an impussant existence needing for protection, smaller than one salt molecule. You also was as this small cell described above like all other people on the earth 's surface , after while, this cell was divided and become two cells instead of one, then four, eigth, sixteen cells these cells increased in a continuous way, then itappears the first piece of meat then it takes a certain figure as it gets two hands, two legs and two eyes

The first cell was matured hundred milliard times and its weight six milliard times

So notice and imagine the only one drop of water became a human being, when Allah (Glory to Him) made many miracles to it, this human is able to read these words.

The holy Qur'an explained how the human was created Allah says : (Does Man think that he will be left uncontrolled, (without purpose)* Was he not a drop of sperm emitted (in lowly form)* Then did he become a leech like clot; then did (Allah) make and fashion (him) in due proportion* And of him He made two sexes, male and female* Has not He, (the same), the power to give life to the dead?) SURAH AL QIYAMAH(36.40)

The human's creation ;

People who are busy with the daily life, may not care about this important miracle which is happening every day ... the first stage in the miracle of creation is the maturation of the ovum cell in the orgasm of a woman's body named by the ovary. There is a long trip for the maturated ovum to take ... it will enter the fallop tube. here it will take a long space until it reaches to the womb . The fallop tube starts with a motivationto catch the maturated ovumbefore it exit from the ovary by a small period of time and it tries to find the ovum cell by weightless touches on the ovary the result of this the falloptube finds the matured ovum and pull it internally and then the trip of the ovum's cell starts.

The ovum must cross a long distance in the fallop tube , but it hasnt any organ that safe the way for it as fins or legs and thus a special system was created to its trip, millards of cells was functioned in the internal surface of the fallop tube to join the ovum to the uterus . these capillaries on the surfaceof these cells that is called siliya are moved towards the uterus by these cells continously , so , the ovum cell is carried from hand to hand to the distination that is must be directed towards it and its known as a very precious carrying and when we noticed these cappilaries we found it was cordinated in the shape and place that it must be on in a very smart plan and it performs a transportation movement together and to the same distination as if it isa machine and if a part of these cells didnt perform its task or performe the transportation to the various distination, the ovum will not reach to its goal and the parturation will not be acheived absolutely. But the creation of Allah is perfect, since every cell performe its task that it was commited to without any errors, and so it will present to the place specially for the ovum to the mother's wamb but the cell was transported accurately bu this way its age doesnt exceed than twenty four hours an d then it dies if it wasnt pollinated in this period and it need a life material .. the pollination .. i.e :

The semen that come from the man's body

The design of the semen :

The semen; it is functioned cell to join the man's genis to the ovum cell to the woman's body, if we imagine accurately we will see a designed equipment by special shape to carry this semen. The semen infront facing part is covered by a protective armor and under it a second armor , and the second armor also there is what is like the lorry (truck) that carry the semen and inside this truck there are twenty three chromosomes that are related to the man. All the informations that are related to the human body and the accurated details are hiddenin these chromosomes and it appears a new human being the twenty three that are found in the man's semen must compete with the twenty three chromosomes that are found in the woman's ovum . and so the first formation of a human body will appear from forty six chromosomes . The design of the armor that is found in the front part of the semen will protect this preciouse weight all this long space against al types of danger. And the semens design isnt like that only , the semen's central part is very strong machine and the pointof the engine is associated with the semen's tail. the power that engine generates makes the tail rotate like a fan and makes it safe for the semen to cut distance quickly . There must be fuel to make this engine work and this need is also found , the most economical fuel is the fruktoz which is on the liquid that is surrounded by the semen and so the engine fuel is saved through the distance that the semen will take to cut by vrtue of this completed design .

The semen crosses the distance to the ovum quickly in the notice of the semen size (related to the distance that was crossed, we will find that its quickly movement is like a boats race . This wonderful equipment produced by a big skill as inside every characteristic the semen's production center micro channels its long is 500 meters. The production in these channel is similar to the system of the chemin de fer which is used in the modern labs . the semen's parts (hauberk , engine and trail) pieced together severally in the end, the wonderment of the perfect geometry appears, so we have to think even little time in this truth ..... how did the cells which no aware the way of preparing the semen with suitable to the mother's body althought its full ignorance of ??! How did the semen learned to make the haubark the engine and the trail as the mothers body needs ??! By which mind did these pieces put together in the right way ??! From where did the semen know it will need the fruktoz sugar ??! How did it learned making an engine that makes the fruktoz ??! There is just one answer for all these questions that the semen and the arranged liquid in , Allah glory to Him created in a special system to lasting the human's bread. Professor Jawad Babona the in the medicine college at Istambol Univ., he is the competent that the woman and the propagation's maladie nattered on the semen's traits by saying : "The semen's scells are produced in the father's body but its tasks dont acheive ever but in the mother's and any semen since the Man Kind history has returned to the father's body again after finishing its task in the mothers body to tell the cells that produced it about its task and what did she do and the events it faced . In that case , how become the semen's cell with a different phisique at all those thousands of cells sorts which are in the father's .. From where the semen's cell knows that it must go by carrying the hereditary'spregnancy which takes from the father to a phisique will endowed with the life after a period by carrying hauberk in the forehead?! From where the semen's cell knew that it must apart that bland velamen and takes arranged chemical armories with behind the hauberk ?!

As you see it's impossible that all the members of this mechanism , the events it is responsible with and the tasks the semen perform fortuity , also it's impossible the knowing comes through repetition. This is a clear etstimony that Allah glory to Him inspired it to make this task anbd taught it how to do that perfectly . . This hyperphisical design in the semen is a great creation's miracle . Such Allah glory to Him draws our attention to the creation of the semenin a Qur'anic verse in his saying: (Do ye then see? The (human Seed) that ye throw out,*Is it ye who create it, or are We the Creators?) SURAH AL WAQI`AH(58.59).

The difficult trip of the semen :

It's sent to the mother's womb in the one time may similar to a two hundred and fifty million semen, that number was limited by this increasing in a special way . because the semen faces deadly dangers just when it enters to the womb . There's a dens acidic mixture in the woman's gamic organ that prevents the pacteria's reaching. also this mixture is vital to the semen, after many minutes the wob's wall become covered with million dead semen, and after many hours a big part of the two hundred and fifty million semenbecome dead. This acid mix is very important to the mother's health and very strong, it can kill all the semens which enter to the womb easily. In this case the pollination will not acheive ever and the human's bread will finish. But taking the precautions is also necessary the mix which carrys the bace trait is added to the liquid containing the semen during the semen's production in the man's body. That mix removes a part of the acid mix in the mother's womb and by virtue of it thousands of semens can reach to the fallop channel's entry passing by the mother's womb . and the scientists observed that all semen directs to one way .. So, how it finds this right direction??!! from where it knew the ovum's place which is same to the salt molecule. The semen finds the ovum's place because another perfect system was created for it. The ovum sends a chemical hint to conciliate the semen which for about fifteen cm. ....the semen by virtue of this hint go towards the ovum briefly the ovum attracts the semen that it doesnt know anything about and didnt meet before ever and the two unnatural cells which dont know each other.

Also this truth is another testimony on the ovum's creation and the semen's with great attachment together.

The great meeting: In the end just thousands can reach the ovum but the race is not finished till now.

The ovum doesnt accept more than one semen; therefor a new race starts ...... there were two important dterrents front of the semen :the protecting layer which kill all sorts of microbes that tries to trench to the ovum and the ovum's tough cover which is difficult to riddle. So it has created in the semen's special systems to pass these two deterrents. there were the hidden weaponry which semen was hidden under the hauberk's stiff pointuntil this moment, they are the resolvent enzyme cysts which named by Healoronedyz, these cysts will bore the first deterrent which is on the ovum's side that is the protecting layer by dissolve it because when the semen pass this layer and go ahead and it hauberk has been eaten gradually then it farmentates and scatters the farmetate of its hauberk is a part the perfect saving plan that because this farmentate the second enzyme cysts which be inside the semen will start appear and that the preotect passing the last deterrent facing the semen that is the aperture of the ovum cover. Now you see this event through the pictures which are picked up by the electronic microscope, so the semen has a red hauberk melts gradually and the ovum's cover passes into the enterring . The perfect design in the union of the semen and the ovum not only limited by this, because when the semen reachs top the ovum's cover there 's another miracle acheived. suddenly the semen enters and leaves its trail which delivered into her and that's very important because if the semen didnt do this task, the motivating trail will enter to the ovum's cell and destroy it. Leaving the semen its trail is similar to the space shuttle's process and the rocket that has been sent for, there the energ containers an the engines when it hasnt meet for , during its breaking off from the atmosphere .How wonder ?! how the little semen did that by this accurate computation ??!!

When the semen do this computation it must know that it reached to the end of the way and it doesnt need the trai again.

The semen is a biology system doesnt feel and hasnt got any mind or science just Allah the greatest creator (glory to Him) ranged in the company of it a system acheives the trails segregating of it in the right time.

The semen leaves it trail out to bore the ovum and put the chromosomes through this borning and such the transfer of hereditary information and the result of doing hundreds of the different system which are a part of each others in an arrangement regular action the hereditary information that related to the man's body reached to the woman's body. and as we see no chance for any fortuity in the union of the semen with the ovum rather that happened by virtue of a designed and perfect plan this events which happened and the human didnt recognize and this accurate planning for every stage of these stages is a clear testimony that Allah (glory to Him) has created the human and sp we see that which has done the pollination is one semen could reached to the ovum and bored its outer wall and the prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon Him) refered before 1400 years ago this truth by saying : ( Not all the sperm bring child into being but if Allah wants to create thing nothing can prevent Him ) (Al- Emam Muslim reported the hadith in the (marriage book - the segregation issue ) .

The leaches :

The man's semen unions with the ovum and the hereditary information of them becomes beside each other and a one of the greatest miracles of the earth's surface has acheived so the mix of the hereditary information and foregather to create a new human and the meeting will happen. May be that's impossible to believe and inside this cell all information that related to the human who wasnt born yet like the child's eye, his skin' he colour, face and all his phisical traits are codes in, but its not only his external appearance but has been limited his skeleton and his internal organs like his veins ,even the blood cells shape which thrill inside his veins untill its number and all the details like the human's traits in the seventh age even them in the 70th everything is cleared and formed inside this cell.

The cell after a little period of the pollination does a very confounding contact that it devides and be two new cells and these cells devides to be four, so no the forming of a new human starts ..... but why the cell decied to devide why it takes upon itself and do this task ??! who gave the cell the information about this creation ??? this questions leads us to the being of Allah to whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty. he's only the owner of the science and the ability that are illimitable, the cells creator, the human's who is inside the cell, the world chich the human be in and al the universe he created all that from nothing. in these pictures we see the cells trip which devide and increase and see incessantly in the fallop tube. Mass of the cells has been named a pollinating ovum since now. During the deviding and the increasing of the cells inside the pollinatig ovum, also another confounding event is acheived, that some cells start in contrasting that the other during the cellective of the old cells in the center, the contrasting cells surround about them and after a little period another center cells group will form embryo that means the first case of the baby who will be born and the group about it will form the placenta which will mature the embryo. The sudden starting of the contrast the cells and taking its decission of forming the embryo or the placenta consideres a great miracle in the scientism circles. There's a hidden matter has been in these cells, the pollinating ovum reached after four days of its pollination of the place that was prepared just for, means the mother's womb and to not fall out the body it must hang onto the womb but the pollinating ovum is just a circle mass formed from cells which are similar to each other and hasnt got any both or a private handle protect the hanging on to an appointed place, so how can it hang onto the womb's wall ??! that also has been concerted, while the pollinating ovum reachs to the mother's womb another special system interposes. This pictures which are picked up by the electronic microscope shows the pollinating ovum which has reached to the mother's womb before moments.

The cells which are on the outer surface of the pollinating ovum excrete a special enzymes to disolve the womb's wall and so the ovum hang mightily onto the womb and safe from falling out to the womb . the being of the cells on the pollinating ovum's surface in the decided place exudes the decided enzyme clarifies again that its creating was out demination , by the virtue of the perfect congenitally of the pollinating sinks into the ovum's pollinating in the womb's . this new creator augments by hanging onto the womb has been named since now the Embryo . This truth which the neobiology discovered was reminded in the Holy Qur'an , that when Allah (glory to Him ) minds the first stage for the baby in the mother's womb he use the (leaches ) word , So Allah says : (Proclaim! (or Read!) In the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, who created*Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood ) SURAH AL `ALAQ(1.3)

but the leaches word in arabic is called to the thing that attaching to a place and hanging on to even the words descent is being used to definite some parisites cohers to the skin and suck the blood from that place . . the ambrosial expression used the leaches word to definite the pollinating ovum in the mother's womb in the time that all the biological information was very slim .

The chew stage (the constructing ):

In our world which is a planet fulls of lives, there are numberless sorts of the lone cell all those increase by deviding and make a copy of them during the deviding . The growing embryo in the mother's womb starts the life by one cell, also this cell increases by copying itself. This mass grows, contrasts and speciates gradually to for the head's bud, the cerebrum, the heart, the parts and the bones. This stage is sciential is named by EMBRYO and by looking to its shape we observe it in similar to a piece of meat or chewing gum and the holy Qur'a called it by the word (Chewing). the Allah (glory to Him ) says : (Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a (foetus) lump; then We made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh: the We developed out of it another creature. So blessed be Allah, the Best to create!) SURAH AL MU'MINUN(14).

And here unless the intermediation of a special arrangement it will necessary for the cells deviding of the baby appearing a mass of meat in instituted of similar cells not a human but something like that doesnt happen because the cells are not standing to this limit. The semen and the ovum start in the constructing about each other after weeks of meeting by a hidden order has been given to them.

The emborogies scientists consider this change agreed miracle. The cells that have no awareness start essay the internal organs, the skeleton and the cerebrum In this stage the cerebrum cells start be forming, this picture we see is picked up by electronic microscope it clarifie the first forming of the celebrum and its numbers are increasing very fast. in the end of this forming the embryo become having ten billions of the cerebrums cells every new cell conducts with previous knowing to where it returns and which cells it must attach. every cell finds its place among unbounded probabilities and attaches with cells it must attach with. In the cerebrum 100 trillions links and to be possible for the cells to make trillions of links in right way, it must has superior mind that more than the human mind but this cells hasnat any mind, not only the cerebrum cells but also everyone.

The increasing cells devides inside the embryo it makes a trip from the first place that formed of towards the womb which it must be in and everyone gets a place that was planned for them it attached with the cells it must be attached with .

How astonishing !!.. these cells has no any senses so who pursued follow this smart plan ?! dr. Jawad Babona has answered this questions by saying How all this similar cells make together this trip suddenly, as if they got an order from one place and all of them tended to different places to form different organs. this clarifies that these orders resembles cells dont know what they will do? Some of the resembles cells and DNA form the cerebrum, others form the heart and the remaining form the others organs. only Allah the creator of the heavens and the earth who is orienting them. The creating is lasting in the mother's womb. The variable cells start suddenly in constriction and expansion after that hundreds thousands of these cells gather in one place to create the heart : these heart lasts in pumping all the life. Some autonomous cells of each others stick together and make attaching among them and shape the veins cells. In the world from where they learned the necessity making the veins and how they did that?? At this is one of the questiones that hasnt got answer in the scientism quarters , in the end the veins cells make spectacular pipy system hasnt on any bore or chink. The innner surface of the veins is smooth as if it has been maked by proficient maker. this wonderfull veins system will start after a period by transfering the blood to all over the embryo's body and the length of the veins reticulation 4000,000 Km this speed equals the full length of geosphere . The growing in mother's belly last without stopping and the embryo's limbs reached in the end of the fifth week to a case similar to the jut as it clear in the pictures this just will be hand - after period some of the cells start making hands but there is a part of the cells after a period make a very perplexe thing thousands of them do a collective sacrifice. I wonder !! why the cells present thereselves ? This sacrifice service a very important aim because the dead bulk cells on a specifying line is necessary to create the fingers and the others eat the dead cells, it has shapping in these essential spaces among the fingers. Excellently; why thousands of cells do like this sacrifice ?!! How the cell itself makes that to be the baby having the fingers in the future ??

from where the cell knew that because of this sacrifice serves like this great aim. All that clarifies that all the cells which the human's body is created from is directed by Allah He raised far above. During that some cells starts in making the shank. Also the cells dont know that the embryo will need to walk on the earth they form the crus and legs. This picture represents a human face having four weeks. In this stage two bores has been created in the embryo's head sides . Its difficult to believe that in these two bores the eyes will be set up, the eye shapping will start in the sixth week and the cells are working along the pregnancy months in a plan which no mind can assimilate and those different parts of the eye with monotone following, some cells make the corena, another make hyacinth and others make lens. every cell stops when it reachs to the end of the part that it must form. The eye is to be created of fourty different layers in consummate shape. Such the eye which considers the best camera at all has been created from nothing, that because the huma will need a versicolour world that the eye was created suitable for.

The sounds and arietta those he will hear also the ear which hears them is created in the mother's belly where the cells form the best pick up receiptor on the earth's surface and this reminds us again that aidition and vision are from the most graces which Allah granted the human, there by Allah, to whom belongs might and majesty in the holy Qur'an by his word: (It is He Who brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers when ye knew nothing and he gave you hearing and sight and intelligence and affections: that ye may give thanks (to Allah).) SURAH AL NAHL (The Bees)(78).

The Qur'an's miracles :

All information will explain untill now in the embryo's growth subject in the mother's womb has been discovered in the beginning of the twentieth and returning to the believes which were common before the birth of the prophet Muhammed ( peace be upon Him ), They were so far than the scientism truth and it was nearest to the mith because the believe which was common in Aresto's era 322-384 for ex: that the embryo is phisic and perfect inside the man's semen but it is very very small, so we cant see and gradually he grows inside the womb as any plant seed, while the holy QWur'an and the noble honest sunna of the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) . proved in an accurate scientific mode that human has been created of various semen , Allah named it by gametes semen so praise the lord says: (Verily We created man from a drop of mingled sperm, in order to try him: so We gave him (the gifts). Of Hearing and Sight.) SURAH AL INSAN(2).

and this makes of the man's semen and the woman's was proved and affirmed in the hadith "prophetic traditional " before 1425 years: that a jewesh passed when prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was talking to his companions (Allah be pleased with them) , this disbelieves of Qurish said : O jewesh , this man alleged he is prophet knows but a prophet and he set down infront of him and said : O Muhamed which has been created from the man's semen and the woman's ?? Allah's messanger Muhammed (PBUH) answered the man's one is viscid , it has bone and nerve , but the woman's is thing so it has the meat and blood . the jewesh standed up and said : such , the prophets who were before you had said The emam Ahmed produced this in his predicate no. : 4206 . The science didnt reach to the truth that human is created from the man's semen and the italic scientist Van Benden in 1783 could prove that , and such that human kind abnegated the idea of midget embryo . between 1888 and 1909 Boveri proved that the hetero chromosomes devides and carry different hereditary and it is in special places of the hetero chromosomes(1) Such its very clear for us that human kind didnt know that the embryo is forming of mixing the males semen and the femals ovum but in the eightenth century and its not probative but in the beginning of the twentieth century that bones and thews are forming together . but the recently current studies discovered a truth which people didnt heet to in the past . the bones is created in the embryo at first then covers by thews discovered a new . In holy Qur'an refered to before 1400 years ago : (Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a (foetus) lump; then We made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh: the We developed out of it another creature. So blessed be Allah, the Best to create!) SURAH AL MU'MINUN(14).

From other side the current searches in the parturation subjects clarify that the baby passes three full stages in his mother's belly and this truth was explained in one of the basic resources in the embryology named by basic human embryology the life in the mother's belly is gened of three stages :

1. The first two weeks and half : pre-embriyonik

2.To the end of the eighth week : Embrogini

3.From the eighth week until the parturition : Fetal .

The holy Qur'an before 1400 years ago refered to what the searches' results reached to, that lasted long years. in the modern technology was used refered to the embryo's three stages in the mother's belly when Allah he exalated says :(He created you (all) from a single Person: then created, of like nature, his mate; and He sent down for you eight head of cattle in pairs: He makes you, in the wombs of your mothers, in stages, one after another, in three veils of darkness. Such is Allah, your Lord and Cherisher: to Him belongs (all) dominion. There is no god but He: then how are ye turned away (from your true Centre)) SURAH 39: AL ZUMAR(6)

the previous miraclous of the holy Qur'an and the noble hadith (prophetic traditioned ) prodigy astonished many of the master scientist of our era, among then the professor Ket Mor, the embrology's prof. in the American Univ. and the auther of the most famous book about the embryo in the world he said : your prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was simple and unlettered human, he lived in the seventh century, that is in time the embrology hasnt got basis or news and there wasnt microscope ever and the optics wasnt discovered yet, so from where he has this perplexing scientism ?? how did he watchs the merger between the man's semen and the femals ?? and how did he know that in the man's semen and in the woman's one (2) Dr Moor asked Sheikh Abd Almajeed Alzandany to write the introduction of his book " the developing human " which considers one of the ost books in embryology and is translated to eight scientism language and the Sheikh did as the holy Qur'an was told (3)

The placenta:

The machine you see in the picture is one of the medicine machines and it is the medernest mechanism in the world, i is the necessary pick up unit life to the patients in the intensive care but at the time of comparing this mechanism which filling a room with another superios machine we will see the extent of huge variance between them. the superior system is the placenta which surrounds the embryo by all directions and competes his needs and do all these tasks in one time and hyperphisical design safes the baby's and the mother's life together.the placenta's forming cells knows among millions of cells in the mother's belly the nutrition molecules which the embryo will need and lead them to him and the other placenta's tasks is protecting the embryo. The defence cells which in the mother's belly heads so the womb in order to not be exposure to the offence. But the cells where is in the starting of the external layer of the placenta form a sort of purifiers among the blood veins of the mother and the embryo, during allowing the nutrition to pass, they prevent the passing of the defence system cells. If you give the thinking task about the embryo's needs and their competence not to the placenta but to a human the embryo will not live more than few minutes, because no mechanism that the humans owns can computate the embryo's charges needs and cannot compete those needs. The only motion which can do this processes the placenta. this superior mechanism to the piece of the meat named by placenta clarifies to us again the prefection of Allah's creation ...... (Glory to Allah the greatest ) .

The umbilical chord saves the corelation between the mother's body and the embryo's which been cut and thrown after the parturation, was having a life task during the nineth month is a truth geometric miracle. inside this chord three disunited lines, one carrys the oxygen nutrition to the embryo in an environment full of liquids and his lungs full of water he doesnt die from the hang also he doesnt eat and his digestive system didnt form yet may these two basic things are given to him through the mother's belly.however the cords other two lines hurle the de trop of food and water the embryo products from his body. the mother and the embryo who grow inside her has no knowing about all these system but Allah (glory is to him ) created all the arrangements also to safe the embryo's life in a perfect shape.

The result along the months passing :

The baby in bmother's belly grows and takes a shape, he reaches to a case he can move and live in the outer world, the final stages role comes as that is the parturation. but there is a great danger rests waiting for the baby who is inside mother's belly. The baby will be born from the mother's womb passing the bones of the pelvis and that is very dangerous because that will mate the baby's child during the parturation in these bottleneck demesne and that will make pressure on his skull but very special arrangements has been been to protect the child's health. The babys skull bones are mushy, didnt weld together opposite the adult and by vitue of that the bones are stretched specific quantity during the parturation which make spaces among the bones, prevents the skulls are ruin and the baby has been born in right parturation without harming the skull and the cerebrum. In the next months the heads skull will crue and the baby continues his life in right way. These events which are clarified in the book passed by all the people who have lived on the earth. we see that all people were created from sample semen have been throwed in the mother's womb and vetue of these special conditions it has unioned with ovum, the life started by just one cell and thinking about this truth is duty on every human, it is also your task to think ... how did you exist ?? and thank Allah your great creator and dont forget that Allah who created our bodies once will return creation after our death again anad that is is either for him and will hold reposible us on his graces he granted to us what did we do by ?? but who deny they creations truth by forgetting Allah (The greatest) and the beyonds are erroneous a great falt and Allah (glory to Him) reminds people like those in the holy Qur'an by saying : (Doth not man see that it is We Who created him from sperm? yet behold he (stands forth) as an open adversary.*And he makes comparisons for Us, and forgets his own (Origin and) Creation: he says, Who can give life to (dry) bones and decomposed ones (at that)?*Say, He will give them life Who created them for the first time. For He is well versed in every kind of creation.)(SURAH YA SIN)(78.79).