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Are there other universes ?

Are there other universes ?

Dr Hosny Hemdan Hamama


Though humanity gas reached a respectable degree of knowledge , they did not got every thind and many secrets are there unlocked .

God says in the holy Quran what means "Then praise be to Allah, Lord of the heavens and Lords of the earth, the Lord of the Worlds. And unto Him (alone) belongeth majesty in the heavens and the earth, and He is the Mighty, the Wise.( AL-Gathya 36-37)

"Praise be to Allah " is translation of " Al-Hamd li Allah " , this what Moslems' tongue repeats in the their prayers , at least repeated seventeen times in 24 hours .The early Moslem explainers gave an interpretation to the word (the worlds ) that reflects their broadmindedness as we will show . Our universe ,that is immensely large and in complete state of harmony has a diameter of 30,000 light year ( to understand this huge number , imagine that you travel at the speed of light (300,000 km per second ) , it will take you 30 milliards years to reach the furthest point in the universe .

Astrophysics scientists are completely preoccupied with the query " is there a another different world other than that lies in our circle of perception; what the dimensions of the universe are , if they are existent ..though we don't see them ….but most likely they are there as we don't see all that are remaining there and we can't see every entity .

God says what means " And unto Him (alone) belongeth majesty in the heavens and the earth, and He is the Mighty, the Wise. That it is indeed the speech of an illustrious messenger."( Al-Haka :38-39). Scientists are of the opinion that our universe might be a thin layer in the whole of the universe . ( figure (1))

The opinions of the early exegetes

  • AL-Kourtby says , in his collection of Quran exegesis , say that the exegetes areof different opinion concerning the quranic word " THE WORLDS"
  • Katada , an early Quran exegete , says the" Al-alameen , rendered in English " worlds " refers to all that are here or there other than God and it is always plural .
  • The son of Ibn Abas says that the word refers to both humans and jinnee , so it is plural .
  • Wahab Ibn Monaba says that God has created eighteen thousand worlds and that our world is one of them .
  • Saed Al-Khodary says that God has created forty thousand worlds and the whole of the earth , including all the creatures are one of them .

So many tantalizing queries about the possibility of the existence of other worldshave already been surfaced among scientific circles .

Among these questions are :

*Are there any other worlds governed by laws different from that which govern our world ?

*Where does the light travel faster than its known speed ?

*Where can we find the power of gravitystronger than that we know ?

*Where can we find the nuclear bonds less strong than that we know ?

*Where can we find electrons less in charge than that we know ?

*Where can we find universe different from ours ?

*Where can we find world without all the known chemical elements -except Hydrogen and helium- than that we know .

*Where can we find a universe without stars ?

*Where can we find that atoms that contain the anti-protons and the anti-neutrons whish go round the Positron?

*Where can time recede back ?

*Where can all powers be unified ?

A lot of scientists think that there are universes other than ours , among those are Max Tugmart , Goal Kremier , Susan Wealze and David Hoytawes . The twin of our galaxy , 10 28 meters away from us ,is among these models that scientists predict its existence .

Max Tugmart says that the parallel universes are not just fictions , they are applications based on our cosmological studies .

The Malkuth between Quran and Science

What really astonished me is that I found the holy Quran words always in scientists mind when trying to express something fully especially the word " Malkuth " , which is originally Arabic word that was repeated several times in the Holy Quran .

John G. Cramer wrote: "Gene Wolfe has suggested that if our own universe is not all of Creation! But only one bubble out of many in the stream of Time, then calling it "The Universe" is no longer sufficient. We need a Name for it. He suggested "Malkuth", which is the Cabbalist name for "world". But I find Malkuth rather unappealing; it sounds too much like "uncouth" and would give completely the wrong impression of our Universe to an outsider".

If he knew that the word is mentioned in the Holy , he would not describe it as a harsh word , I wish he had heard the word in the Holy Quran and fully understood it .

God says in the Holy Quran what means"Have they not considered the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and what things Allah hath created, and that it may be that their own term draweth nigh? In what fact after this will they believe? ( Al-Araf:185)

Also God says in the Holy Quran what means"Say: In Whose hand is the dominion over all things and He protecteth, while against Him there is no protection, if ye have knowledge?( AL-Moenoun :88)Therefor glory be to Him in Whose hand is the dominion over all things! Unto Him ye will be brought back.( Yasin :83)

Suzanne Willis discussed the topic of parallel universe that dates back to the very beginning of universe and said that the universes may be separated according to the separated theories in two important ways :the first way happened in the stage of the huge inflation of the universe in which a small part of the universe was expanded so large (figure 1) and it is possible that other parts in the universe did the same thing and developed giving other worlds . In the shade of the other way and according to quantum theory the parallel universes had come into being because of Quantum event .

Figure (10) theuniverses as imagined by scientists

Max Tugmark has delved into the theories of physics which is concerned with the parallel universes which are classified into four levels that can allow continuous variations . the following are levels of the of the parallel universes :

*The fist level : worlds that are governed by the same physics and the constants of our world physics yet the development of its material might be different

*The second level of different physics constants and time dimensions from that we have in our universe.

*The third level : every quantummay lead various copies.

*The fourth level : has it own different laws of physics.